“Yacht design is very complex business. It doesn't matter if you are building a racing yacht, a cruising yacht or a powerboat. Very often people just focus on the lines plan and the speed potential of yacht. I know that this is only a part of the puzzle. If you don't have the right people in place for the structural engineering then this will most likely result in excessive weight with the huge downside being less boat speed. Worst case scenario your yacht is not even safe on the ocean. I have known Mark now for several years and WCS has the approach that I like: always looking for the lightest structural solutions, but always keeping in mind that it has to be practical for a boat builder to execute without sacrificing the safety of the yacht once it is on the ocean. If you need a structural engineer I would put my money on Waterfront Composite Solutions, as not only will they deliver the best design you can get on the market, they know how to communicate with the builders and last, but certainly not least, with you the client.”

Bouwe Bekking – Professional Sailor, Skipper Telefonica Azul

“I have known Mark for 10 years, having worked on several high level race yachts together, most recently the Abu Dhabi Volvo 70. Mark is one of very few engineers who have a real grasp of the practical elements of composite engineering and is fastidious when it comes to detail. I have immensely enjoyed working with Mark over the years. Waterfront Composite Solutions has a real talent for pushing the boundaries whilst understanding the importance of reliable structures in extreme environments. There is no doubt that WCS is my first call regarding any composite matters and for me is “The” choice when looking for composite engineering.

Jason Carrington – Professional Sailor and “C-Boat” founder/owner

" I 
have worked extensively with Mark Bishop over the past year on the Abu Dhabi Volvo Ocean Race project and as a structural engineer I have found him professional, personable, imaginative and overall one of the best in the business. To work with Mark is to work with someone who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. WCS is open minded to others ideas and are extremely creative in bringing very practical solutions to complex issues. Their understanding of composites is obvious once you talk and get to know them. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to working with WCS again in the future.”

Mark Somerville – Construction Manager Persico Italy

“As the owner/designer of Mystic Powerboats I have worked with Mark Bishop since 1998 and we have built some fabulous boats together. His unparalleled engineering methods as well as his understanding of high speed boat mechanics enables Waterfront Composite Solutions to build very lightweight structures that have the strength required to take the punishment my high speed cats and yachts have to endure. I can honestly say that Mystic would not be what it is today if it wasn't for the close relationship that we have enjoyed with Waterfront Composite Solutions”

John Cosker – Mystic Powerboats

" I have worked with Mark Bishop on projects for almost twenty years. I always know that I am going to get a fully tailored and optimised structure for my project, not just something recycled from the past. Always very professional and focused working with Waterfront is fun, efficient and I always learn something. If you want effective, smart design solutions then I have no hesitation in saying that Waterfront Composite Solutions should be the first place that you visit.”

Brett Bakewell-White – Design Principal, Bakewell-White Yacht Design Ltd and Design Coordinator for Team Korea White Tiger Challenge – 34th Americas Cup brett@bakewell-white.com

"Working with Waterfront Composite Solutions is ideal. They have exactly what you would want in a composite design partner: a long history of success with complex composite structures and yet a forte for being able to think outside of traditional methodologies. The results are designs that evolve into innovative, comprehensive solutions. That makes the analysis portion that much more enjoyable – and successful."

Jason Gies, VP Business Development, Firehole Technologies, Wyoming giesj@firehole.com

"Core Composites has been working with Waterfront Composite Solutions for a number of years and have been impressed with the creativity and “out of the box” ideas that WCS generate for us. Not only have all of our projects worked out successfully (without failures) but the parts are leading the industry whether high speed boats, water turbines or composite buildings. Typically weight savings is our driver. Waterfront attacks the weight by working closely with the architects to design efficiently. The data base and accuracy of Waterfront’s laminate engineering is the best that we have found in the industry. We highly recommend this company if your project is going to take you to the leading edge of composite technology. You will have confidence that the engineering is done on time and properly detailed.”

Richard O’Meara, President, Core Composites, Div. of ROM Development Corporation; rich@corecomposites.com


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